Quick silver is one of the older names for the metal “Mercury” and the origin of the fraudulent mis-naming of amalgam fillings for teeth “silver amalgam” instead of more accurately “mercury amalgam”.

As Mike Adams points out in his “Health Ranger” article here, no-one is disputing the fact that mercury is an extremely poisonous substance. In fact, one of its compounds, mercuric chloride, is the most poisonous chemical known to mankind.

All the experts in toxicology tell us to avoid skin contact, to not breathe in close proximity to mercury and to run at our best possible speed away from any mercury fumes.

There is an English expression “mad as a hatter” which arose from the fumes which hatters breathed in and absorbed through their skin from the time in which mercury was widely used in “curing” skins to make hats. The symptoms do have “amazing” similarities to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and a few other serious and very wide-spread nerve dis-eases which used to be peculiar to hatters. This is no wonder for it is the nervous systems which are attacked by mercury.

For more than a century, dentists have been systematically misinformed during their training about the dangers of mercury – dentists and dental assistants have actually died from mercuric poisoning just from handling amalgam fillings. I, personally, am in contact with a family whose mother, a dentist, is being kept artificially “alive” because mercury has destroyed the greater part of her nervous system and she is unable to breathe without a machine to do it for her.

Studies show that 80% of Alzheimer’s sufferers, nearly 70% of Parkinson’s sufferers and a very large proportion of Multiple Sclerosis sufferers will return to a normal state when the mercury amalgam fillings are removed from their teeth and an appropriate detoxification method applied to remove mercury from their tissues.

We are asked, however, to believe that this most poisonous of substances becomes completely harmless as soon as it enters your mouth. No scientific explanation of this alleged miracle has, to date, been offered.

Mercuric poisoning is one of the three major sources of income for the pharmaceutical cartel. Together with malnutrition and cancer these cause more than 80% of all illness and, possibly, 95% of pharmaceutical turnover. Some go so far as to claim that mercuric poisoning is THE major source of pharmaceutical income. Small wonder, then, that the pharmaceutical cartel is very active in promoting the continued use of mercury amalgam in teeth.

In Germany, where the pharmaceutical companies have enjoyed a special status “above the law” since the 1920’s, your medical insurance will pay for you to get mercury amalgam fillings but is forbidden, by law, to pay for their removal!

At this moment, the FDA is conducting “hearings” (with closed ears, of course) upon the advisability of permitting mercury to continue to be used in human dentistry. Given the massive payouts available for an “approval” there appears little chance of scientific evidence being admitted to the considerations.

This brings me to a quote from Professor Bruce Lipton PhD which he made in an interview which he gave me and which you can see here. “The theories upon which pharmaceutical medicine is based have nothing to do with science but represent merely the marketing strategy of the pharmaceutical manufacturers.

We’re not going to remove the FDA today but you can, at least, begin to remove mercury from your life.

Blessed be

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